Product Availability

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13 June, 2017

Product Availability


Availability of Products:

All Products in the online store are in the physical store ready to ship, except in case of a stock error.

There may be a delay of 24h in the stock update of the online store due to the daily sales of the physical store.

When you click on a product, you can see the quantity of stock available, sizes and colors.


Products Available:

Available products have a "Add to Cart" or "Adicionar ao carrinho" or "Select Option" button and can be added to the shopping cart.

- Example of Available Products:



Unavailable Products:

Unavailable products can not be added to the cart, instead there is a button labeled "Notify me" or "Notificar-me!" and it is for the customer to be informed by email if the product is back in stock.

Unavailable products are not deleted from the online store as they may be ordered again, unless the products are discontinued at the supplier.

If you want to order a product unavailable or even non-existent in our online store, you should contact us by email or any other kind of contact.

- Example of Unavailable Products:



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